Watch Now: Four Comedy Short Films To Tickle The Funny Bone


As part of our StoriesTogether initiative, we have been organising LIVE watch with us parties every Wednesday on our Facebook as well as our YouTube pages in the evenings.

In a time where we all staying home and staying safe, it’s a chance to stay connected with fellow humans while enjoying awesome short films,

The first edition that we ran was a ‘You Laugh, You Lose’ edition featuring 4 comedic short films. From gross-out comedy to ’80s Hong Kong nonsensical slapstick laughs, relive the LOLs in the four picks below.

Bite The Buffalo‘ by Rhory Danniells (South Korea)

First date romance takes an unpredictable turn after a life change kiss. Soon after locking lips, this couple on a date quickly realise this may be the worst day of their lives. But whatever happens, they are in it together!

Sweets Gang‘ by Tomoya Kuge (Japan)

After the police ban all forms of sweets, sweet tooths band together to form a syndicate. Those with a love for sugary sweets may find themselves siding with the “villains” of this story.

Checkmate‘ by Tan Yu (Singapore)

A tongue-in-cheek comedy about speed dating. Richard hopes to get the girl of his dreams by creating stories about himself. Little did he know that he would finally meet his match in his dream girl Michelle.

The Folding Stool Killer‘ by Adrian Fu (Hong Kong)

A downtrodden man has long suppressed his urge to uphold justice. When he tried to save a girl during an accident, he gained a superpower in a coincidental supernatural event. He then became a killer, using a very unlikely weapon to fight against crime.

To enjoy the Watch Parties LIVE, make a date with us every Wednesday through this April. We have some really great themes planned out!

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