How Well do You Know The Person Beside You At The Hawker Centre?


Common Ground - M. Raihan Halim4

After a meal at Amoy Street Food Centre, Robert and his friends get up to leave without clearing their trays. Ade stops them and politely requests for them to do so.

Common Ground - M. Raihan Halim 1

Robert is indignant and openly shows his annoyance, assuming that Ade was only picking on them.

Common Ground - M. Raihan Halim 2

Robert quickly jumps to conclusions and the situation escalates into a tense and heated misunderstanding.

Common Ground - M. Raihan Halim 3 Common Ground - M. Raihan Halim 5

Unbeknownst to Robert, Ade has more in common with him and his friends than he realised.

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