Two Battered Women Served Revenge To Their Abusers. In A Bowl. Cold.


BKT Kat Goh Utter SS5

A loving wife with a delicious piece of rib? Well, it’s more menacing than it seems.

This woman is the wife of a pork seller at the market, and they’re off to her parents for a routine visit. Her husband is not a kind man. And neither was her father.

Did she and her mum marry the wrong men? Was this their fate?


Instead of being silenced into submission again, she and her mom devise a way to fight back they as prepare a tasty meal of pork rib soup.

Revenge is dark, distressing, and ugly. But sometimes it can be served cold, even with a twist to the traditional, well-loved recipe.

Watch ‘Bak Kut Teh’ by Kat Goh (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This short film is inspired by a short story written by David Leo, ‘Soup of the Day.’ The film is produced for Utter, an initiative by Singapore Writers Festival that celebrates Singaporean literature adapted into other art forms.

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