She Mastered The Art Of Terror, But She Wasn’t Ready For Real Life


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What does horror mean to you? Sure, go ahead and ask a former B-grade movie scream queen.

Rachel is a former scream queen who’s made to be hyper aware that her fame is on the decline. Still, she put on a brave smile, and performed a PR-perfect routine.

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But after a drink at the bar, a bathroom break, and a wad of cash, it’s obvious that there was another side to the sanitised version of her testimony.

Truer words were never uttered from any pair of bee-stung lips.

She mastered the screams, the crawling. She tasted the dream. Nothing prepared her for what came after.

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Viewer discretion: Contains depiction of violence and sexual content.

Written, directed and starring Karen Gillan. More about her here.

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