What Does It Take For This Young Girl And Her Grandma To See Eye To Eye?


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This story tells the age old tale of two people from two different times, forced to learn how to speak each others’ language.

Lisa is a Taiwanese teenager obsessed with anything Japanese: comics, music, fashion, the little quirks and mannerisms, everything.

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She lives with her Japanese grandmother, who has been living in Taiwan for many years. Her grandmother is old school, proudly Japanese.

You’d think they both get along for their common appreciation of the culture, but they are constantly at odds with each other.

What Lisa considers music to her ears is noise to her grandmother. A healthy bowl of soup for her grandmother is what Lisa uses to water a bonsai plant.

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They don’t get along, until Lisa’s grandmother has a stroke. That’s when Lisa realises that they have more in common than just living in a shared space, or pretty kimonos.

Watch ‘Oh My Lisa’ <<ただいま 此刻>> by Chuang Ning (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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