Daddy’s Not Right… Something Powerful Has A Hold On Him


La Boca Del Leon SS_01

Mr Montalvo is not okay. He speaks to the other person on the line, pleading for help. He’s bleeding from puncture wounds on his arm and burning up.

La Boca Del Leon SS_08

He can’t focus, can barely hold the phone straight but he just needs to follow the instructions, every single one of them.

Except whatever is haunting him, is very strong. It overpowers him.

But there’s someone in the house… his last salvation…

La Boca Del Leon SS_07

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‘La Boca Del León’ received a Special Mention for Best Short in the Phonetastic category at the Sitges International Film Festival 2013. The film was inspired by research the director carried out with writer Vincent Blonde about real-life telephone exorcisms.

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