When Fast Food Attacks, You GTFO!


Hambuster ss3 krk

Instead of chasing down lunch with a coke, today’s lunch chased him within an inch of his life.

This mutant hamburger gobbled his baby in the park, and devoured everything on the street, and laid swathes of destruction on its path. It grew larger and hungrier with its insatiable appetite.

Hambuster ss9 krk

Pickles and gooey cheese have never looked so gory or menacing as in this fast food horror animation.

We suspect this could be used for an anti-GMO food ad, or if anyone’s so inclined, a great way to swear off meat and kick off a diet immediately.

Hambuster ss4 krk

Hambuster ss2 krk

Bon appetite!

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Viewer discretion: Contains violence. Watch only on an empty stomach.

Directed by Paul Alexandre, Maxime Cazaus, Dara Cazamea, Romain Delaunay and Bruno Ortolland as their graudation film at Supinfocom Arles in France. More about the team here.

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