When Mr Nice Guy Decides Enough Is Enough, He Stands Up For Himself


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Ah, yes. Samuel Ong. You can casually find him behind his laptop in ROFL’s office, playing World of Warcraft. Or in the Friendzone.

Geeky and fun, he puts the “laughing” in “ROFL”the mockumentary Get Social.

Samuel is the most functional member of team ROFL — he’s the IT guy — but he has jaw-dropping moments in the series, like when his pants casually unbuckled, because he stood up for himself.

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He gets his 15 minutes of fame when prominent YouTubers invite him on their show.

Leonard (more about Leonard here) gets a tad jealous when this happens. They’ve been buddies for years, ever since their army days.

But more and more, Samuel tires of Leonard, who constantly takes him for granted.“Mr Nice Guy” will no longer be the Tom to his Jerry, or the Robin to his Batman.

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Will Samuel abandon ROFL?

When will Leonard finally treat him with the respect he deserves?

Here’s an introduction to ROFL in the mockumentary Get Social. Watch Episode 1:

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George Young as Leonard Lee (Founder of ROFL)
Shane Mardjuki as Samuel Ong (Head of IT & Infrastructure)
Vanessa Vanderstraaten as Rachel Lim (Business Dev Manager)
Oon Shu An as Foo Soo Ling (Media Strategist)

Get Social was directed by Robert Tan and produced by Ervin Han.

Watch Episode 2, where Leonard learns what it truly means to go viral


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