She’s Looking For The Man Who Killed Her Sister. He Found Her.


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One of them has to be lying.

Two years on, Kyoko is still seeking closure on her sister’s death.

Her sister was stuck in a hostage situation in a drug bust gone wrong. Shots were fired, and the armed man fled. The case is still open.

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The narcotics agent involved in the case appears in her life, lending some comfort and sympathy to her loss.

Kyoko learns nothing new, but she renews her resolution to find the man who killed her sister.

Unknown to them, their movements and meetings are being watched.

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She is confronted by a man who claimed to be her sister’s lover, and is presented with new revelations about her death.

Of the two versions of truth, only one of them can be true.

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In an ideal world, justice should be served.

Even if she can’t deliver it, karma should.

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