Jim Died & Went To Heaven, Literally. This Is The Welcoming Committee.


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This was his welcoming committee.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Why question fun, especially if you’re in an eternity taken over by a fun-loving Satan?


When Jim dies a sudden death, he wakes up to the afterlife of his dreams. It’s a heaven of everything he desired most on Earth: Meat Lover’s pizza, light beer, and frisky women.

Yet he can’t help but feel suspicious of his good life. What’s the catch?

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The pursuit of truth leads him down a one-way road, and there’s no turning back, once you start questioning paradise.

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Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Limbo’ was adapted from a short story by writer, Adam Spielman, whos first posted it on Reddit. Since their successful Kickstarter-funded production, the short film has travelled at numerous film festivals across America, including Florida Film Festival, Indy Film Fest, and DC Shorts Film Festival. For more info on the film, click here.

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