There’s A Reason Why This Widow Joked About Her Late-Husband In Her Eulogy


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She meant everything she said.

Instead of gushing about what a great husband and father he was, this widow chose to speak about his embarrassing habits and imperfections to guests at his funeral.

She wasn’t being irreverent nor was she speaking ill of the dead. It was her way of sharing what it meant to be in love with another imperfect human being, as she, too, was imperfect.

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She goes on to say that she, too, hopes her children will find a beautifully imperfect spouse, like he was to her.

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“Its the small things you remember. It’s these little imperfections that make them perfect for you.”

“On day I hope that you will find a spouse that is as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.”

‘Funeral’ was made by the late Yasmin Ahmad for the Ministry of Community Development & Sports in Singapore.

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