A Widow Who Misses Her Late Husband Starts Seeing Him In Her Dreams


Headache SS3 KRK

Can you bring someone back from the dead by missing them too much?

This granny gets by the day with medication for her excruciating headaches. They are so bad that she’s practically immobile.

But getting through pain is the least of her worries.

Headache SS2 KRK

Her late husband has been visiting her, singing praises of the afterworld and luring her to join him.

They miss each other just as much. She entertains the idea of not being lonely anymore, and he becomes more and more persistent.

Headache SS1 KRK

As her condition worsens, she wonders if her head’s messed up, or if these visits were true hauntings! Truly, maybe husbands can still give you a headache even from the other side.

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