Is Infidelity Justified If Her Husband Cannot Satisfy Her Sexually?



“In sickness and in health” — is this marriage vow unrealistic when your partner is unable to fulfil your needs?

Christina’s cares tirelessly for her bedridden husband, and is very dedicated to her faith and marital vows. But she feels trapped and wants to liberate herself from a sexless union.

Is she to suppress her needs? Or to deny that they exist? There are many shades of grey in this short film that are certainly thought provoking.

Watch ‘As He Sleeps’ by Sheron Dayoc (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion advised: Contains scenes intended for mature audiences only

Sheron’s film has won two awards — at the Short Form International Film Festival in Serbia (Best Short Film) and at the Cinemalaya Film Festival (Best Director).

‘As He Sleeps’ was also screened in Italy, Switzerland and in the US.

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