This Samurai Wants To Retire, But He May Also Lose The Love Of His Life


Swordsman SS1 Rwtre

This is Miyamoto Musahi, the ‘Sword Saint’ — a real life and much-loved historical figure in Japan.

His character in this period film has gone through many duels and bloodbaths, and put simply – he’s quite fed up of the scene.

Set in feudal Japan at the verge of civil war, this legendary swordsman is prepping to face the biggest rival of his times.

Swordsman SS3

He’s lead a tough life, and now he’s got a tougher decision to make — to choose between love, servitude or bloodshed, immortality.

This may be his last duel, but he may have to leave the love of his life forever.

Watch ‘Swordsman’ by Marcus Sun on Viddsee:

‘Swordsman’ was in competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

This period film was shot over one week, in Los Angeles. Specialist kimono dressers were hired. It may sound incredulous, but you’ll have to take our word for it. You can watch this interview with Marcus or check out the production Facebook album.

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