Without Sight, These Blind People Share The Beauty Of Their World


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A lone violin playing in a train station draws a blind man in slowly, into another world. He meets its maker, a woman who was born blind.

Her world is coloured by sound, shapes, touch, and the sea. She tells him her story, and plays another piece of music.

Ways of Seeing ss4 krk

Ways of Seeing ss3 krk

Here’s a reminder that the beauty of the world isn’t always in what you see, or what you can hear.

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Jerrold says: “I have been curious about the philosophy of perception and the way we humans see the world differently, colored by our past experiences and memories. I came to know of a friend who was born blind, but she had an amazing talent at music, and it dawned on me that her world would be very different from the rest of us.” More on Jerrold’s work here.

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