This Grandpa Chose Not To Live Life Ruled By Fear Anymore


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Ice cream for lunch? For this old man, the bigger the bowl, the better!

With an exciting day planned at the carnival, he was ready to tackle the day, and the delicious cold treat head first. But something on the news caught his eye. Something about how people his age should take certain precautions. For their health and well-being naturally.

For The Sake SS_03 krk

It starts with getting rid of his favourite toy, and then bundling up in bulky gear — to keep his hips protected, of course. Soon, his tub of ice cream is tossed into the bin. It’s tough living in a bubble but thankfully a little reminder on the street makes him come to a realisation.


You can toe the line and follow all the rules but happiness is best experienced without a leash holding you back from the full ride.

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‘For The Sake Of Health And Well-Being” was an official selection and winner of the Audience Award at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2015 in Seattle. In an interview, Justin shared that this film was inspired by his time volunteering as a caretaker in an elderly home and decided to cast his real life grandfather to play the protagonist in the short film as he was a natural jokester. Read more of his thoughts here.

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