He Woke Up From The Dead For Love, For His Sweetheart


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Two medical students grimaced at what laid before them – a shrivelled body of a man. There was nothing exceptional about him. He was just another specimen.

Except that he woke up when they removed his heart.

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It belonged not to him. It belonged to a woman, his wife. He had awoken, because he was a man whose heart knew what it wanted.

And off they went, on an adventure, only to find that the truth about his life was better kept a secret even now in death.

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Where do broken souls go, when the heart cannot find its beat anymore?

Crushed, he returned from cheating life and death, from love to despair, and back on the slab.

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He would give up his heart, but not before having his second chance, again.

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Style icon Tavi Gevinson narrates the film, together with Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates. Tavi also sang the cover of Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 hit, Heart.

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