The Woman He Once Dated Came Back Into His Life Asking For Help



Jasper Wu headed into work with an extra spring in his step. A new boss would meet them that day, and he and his teammates were excited about the challenges ahead.

But the day threw him the biggest challenge. A familiar face, his ex-girlfriend.


It was an unexpected surprise that she specifically asked for his help, because she was unmistakably pregnant.


With a baby girl on the way, Jane wanted to seek Jasper’s banking expertise in finding out which was the best investment for her future.

She heard about a new investment plan with returns that seemed too good to be true, and she wanted his advice.


His colleague warned him not to be blinded by emotions.

But he wasn’t about to risk letting Jane down.


Even if it meant putting his team and entire career on the line.

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 4’ (A Mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui on Viddsee:

‘SPARKS’ is a mini-series by DBS Bank and this episode was inspired by a real life incident in the bank. Catch the on-going trials and tribulations of the team of young bankers here.

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