She’s A Backup Lover, His Second Choice. But All That Has To Change


Fall New SS2 Length

It sucks to be someone’s second choice all the time.

Michelle is this guy’s second choice. A backup. A fallback. A lover.

An enlightened, well-meaning friend introduces her to Believe, a trendy self-help course that promises to unleash her potential.

Fall New SS5 Length

She tries to find what’s holding her back from love.

It’s a lot of money to realise she has to unhitch herself from a relationship she’s not happy with.

She’s cynical at first, but finds herself sold to the idea on discovering her potential. Because what’s more important than putting yourself first?

Fall New SS3 Length

Her self-discovery leads her to something she knew all along: we believe what we want to, even if it’s built deceit, white lies, good intentions, or a feel-good pyramid scheme.

In the end, she gets exactly what she deserves.

Watch ‘Fall’ by Wong Yee-lam (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘Fall’ won an award for Best Script at the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival in Hong Kong.

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