This Woman Learns That After A Break Up, It’s Either Sink Or Swim


Single or Double SS1

Her boyfriend cheated. She throws him out of the house. They’re both miserable.

She withdraws from life and the swim team that brought them together. But there’s no running away. She sifts through the lonely times, memories of what used to be, and even encounters her ex and his new partner together.

Single or Double SS2

She spends more time with her mother and finds that the one closest to her is getting over heartbreak of her own.

She learns that there are many injustices in the world, some of which will hurt deeply. Not all of them are within her control, nor was she to blame.

Single or Double SS3

Getting over someone is a slow and painful burn. There’s no tried and tested formula to release the agony.

But the first step in moving on is to walk away.

Single or Double SS4

Here’s how she took the plunge and found peace with herself.

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