Two Married Men Try To Manage Their Illicit Affairs. One Chickened Out.


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Women were like game.

Ray and Donald were colleagues, fellow actors in a TV production who exchanged more than just acting notes.

Donald, a womaniser, gave Ray tips on how to charm and get women. Problem – they’re both married. The key was to operate in stealth, creating multiple Facebook accounts, spin little white lies, and get pills to help with keeping it up.

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Donald works his charm to score wild dates with women. He doesn’t shy away from flirting with every girl that he comes across. He brags about fooling his wife and hiding his infidelity, and Ray and his colleagues didn’t mind his careless comments about women.

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As the two men grow closer, Ray sees more of Donald’s double life. He gets caught in a wild night out, where he’s forced to play a much more cunning game.

As Donald challenged him in this game — may the best man win.

Watch ‘Alibi’ by Perry Escaño (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Alibi’ was a Finalist at the Gawad CCP in the Philippines and the first runner up at the Manhattan International Film Festival in New York.

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