The Girl He Fantasised About Surprised Him With Something Extra


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It was much easier to objectify women when they’re nameless personalities on the Internet. He fantasised about having sex with them, because he couldn’t yet afford them.

There was a girl next door who intrigued him.

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She showed up in a towel, asking for help. He did what he could, without much effort.

But when she was in real danger, he became her accidental hero.

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It was a tender moment when they bonded afterwards.

She wasn’t just a girl he fantasised about; she was a real, living, breathing woman, sitting with him, alone.

He felt a warmness in his heart… and a little something else.

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There was no turning back.

Watch ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ by Marco Gatchalian (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘The Girlfriend Experience’ won Best Director at The Reality Film Lab, and has screened at Qcinema International Film Festival and Singkuwento International Film Festival.

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