In Their Own Words: Young Singaporeans On Courage To Pursue Dreams



Meet three young Singaporeans with unconventional interests — an actress, an entrepreneur and a rapper — who put their heart and soul into making their dream a reality, finding unexpected support in their journey.

Here’s a primer on the passionate creators and their inspiring stories:

#1 – The Theatre Actress Who Stumbled On Film Acting


As a speech and drama enthusiast, Fiona Lim gravitated towards theatre like a moth to a flame.

But it was only upon a friend’s advice that she began exploring more commercial work, including film acting, a discipline she had not previously entertained.


The plucky actress, who is a theatre graduate from the School of the Arts Singapore, would go on to win a National Youth Film Awards for Best Performance for her role in ‘Don’t Die Without Me’.

#2 – The Techpreneur Creating Comics on Microsoft PowerPoint


Aminur Rasyid uses Microsoft PowerPoint to create works of art, and we’re not talking about beautiful slideshows!

He plunged into the #SOIMPACT Bootcamp headfirst with little know-how, but he had a driving motivation to educate the next generation, to help them reach their full creative potential.


Placing second-runner-up gave the technology entrepreneur confidence to quit his full-time job in the airline industry. He created Junior Art Lab, an edu-tech social enterprise committed to empowering children to draw, design and even do animations via a software often overlook as a mere boardroom tool.

#3 – The Schoolboy Turned Rapper Who Wrote Verses On His Exam Paper

Axel Brizzy aka Axel Teoh didn’t grow up in a musical family.


The budding rapper didn’t have an outlet or avenue to develop his interest in music. But there was no stopping the flow — or overflow — in rhymes scribbled on notepads and even on the back of an exam paper, much to a teacher’s chagrin.

He started writing tunes in high school and gathered enough courage to release a remix video on YouTube in 2015. Then, through the SHINE X *SCAPE Talent Development Programme, he connected to mentors and a support network.


Could this be the future Julianne Moore, Elon Musk or Kendrick Lamar in the making? Time will tell, but through the support of *SCAPE, they just might be!

Watch ‘No Limits’ by Jeremy Oh (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This short film was made by Jeremy Oh for *SCAPE, a non-profit organisation with a mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. Find out more about them here.

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