Just When The World Cup Kicked Off, So Did His Wife’s Labour!



It’s a big day for Gannet.

Watching his beloved national team qualify for a World Cup for the first time was a significant life event.


But its occasion was outshined by the early, and slightly inconveniently timed labour of his pregnant wife, Roisin.

At the hospital, Gannet wavered between his wife’s side and the entertainment room, where the match played out on a grainy screen.


The deadlocked match was unexpected, as were the complications in Roisin’s labour.


As the game went into extra time penalty shootouts, the hopes of the nation mirrored Gannet’s anxiety about the troubled childbirth.

Ireland needed a miracle, and so did he.


Watch ‘The Nation Hold Its Breath’ by Kev Cahill (Ireland/United States) on Viddsee:

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