A Forest Creature Took Their Children, But It Wasn’t What They Expected


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There’s a forbidden shortcut in this forest, rumoured to be the home of a black monster that preys on children.

Nimfa is one stubborn girl who doesn’t believe the popular story. The woods is her playground, her route to school and home.

She got lost once and returned a bit shaken, but that didn’t deter her from trying it again, even after her parents’ nagging about the evils in the forest.

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One day, her unexplained absence at school led the village into a hunt. She had simply disappeared. Her parents harnessed the powers of the local witch doctor to summon the spirits of the mango tree.

After many days, they realised that the monster was more cunning, that it slipped in and out of town without them knowing, because they chose to see what they wanted to.

Watch ‘Pigadagit’ by Bambi Burdeos Beltran (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Pigadagit’ is part of our Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival channel on Viddsee.

This short film won the best screenplay award at the Nabunturan Indie Film Exhibition in the Philippines.

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