You Wouldn’t Murder A 3 Month Old Child, But There Are Bad Men Who Do So



Humans wouldn’t murder a three month old infant, but when it comes to other mammals, they play a little looser with the same rules.

Out in the arctic east coast of Canada where there are no witnesses, an inhumane massacre is happening.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of seals are brutally murdered.


According to the International Wildlife Conservation Organisation, 97% of them murdered are less than three months of age. Most were under a month old.

The cruelty is shocking and in this allegorical short film, all the more difficult to watch, when young seals are anthropomorphised as human children seeking an escape.


This little girl follows a red trail hoping to escape. She searches for her brother, a fellow captive on this ship. But while she’s looking for him, sinister hunters are also looking for her. It’s a bloody end.

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‘Red Spots’ won the Silver prize for Best Animation at the Hong Kong International Mobile Film Festival.

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