This Young Beatboxer’s First Competition Is Wicked And Makes Us Nervous


T Wicked SS1

Beatboxing isn’t just a trend — it’s an art form in its own right. We watch it on Youtube and at events. There are many celeb beatboxers out there. We only hear about the fame. But what’s the story of younger enthusiasts who have taken it seriously enough to join their first competition?

Meet Martin Tang, 15 years old. He picked up beatboxing two years ago, and is now prepping for a competition in a bid to make his mark in the scene.

T Wicked SS5

Martin and his friends speak very passionately about the art. The mouth is a musical instrument, and like all instruments, a lot of practise is needed to master it. Then there’s technicality and creativity.

There’s also a snippet where they challenge some gentlemen to take up the art of beatbox and what people generally think about their “noise”.

But this documentary is not all that serious. Although he his friends draw a line at beatboxing just to impress the girls, this female audience are quite charmed by him!

T Wicked SS2

It’s a fun and playful glimpse into the scene, with a opening dictionary definition of ‘wicked’ that frames the naming of the film appropriately!

Martin has an easy smile, and a likeable personality. But will he survive the showdown?

Watch ‘That’s WICKED’ by Joy Lee on Viddsee:

‘That’s WICKED’ won the Best Documentary award at the Singapore Short Film Awards in 2013. It has also screened at the Dutch Film Musuem and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and at the Chopshots documentary film festival in Indonesia.

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