A Young Girl’s Blossoming Romance & A Springtime Tragedy


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A boy in class has a crush on Kiku. She was meeting him at the playground for their first kiss…

Kiku a 10 year old with a surprising introspection about life and the cycles of life. She’s developed a sensitivity to the realities of nature, and knowingly tells her crush that she knows he likes him.

He’s a bit of a bully but concedes to her frankness.

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Ah, puppy love.

Fair enough, she said they would have their chance.

But it’s not so fair in life. Nothing lasts forever.

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In stark contrast of a budding romance and the prospect of a kiss, she returns home to a very real tragedy of her depressed mother.

Yukuharu SS1 lg krk

The story unfolds with natural timing.

The audience is gently coaxed into two different moods at once, both on different ends of the spectrum but both complementing each others’ complexities.

Watch ‘Yukuharu’ by Jason Gray (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Yukuharu’ screened at South America, Montreal, London, Rotterdam, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Sapporo, Estonia, and at Rio de Jenario.

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