When A Young Peeping Tom Realises He Couldn’t Look Away


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Sid’s leads a comfortable life in a middle-class neighbourhood, and yet he escapes to the slums to hang out with Chandan and his friends. They were poor, but they were people of character.

They smoke up, talk about women, and it’s all harmless fun.

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And occasionally, for 50-rupees, he’ll pay to peep into a woman’s bedroom as she takes in her customers.

It’s a small fee, and a cheap, cheap enough to hang on his pants while they take turns peeking into the life of another.

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He was just another voyeur, and this was just another escape. But this one night, this young peeping tom looked in, and realised that he could escape what he saw, because he could never look away.

It was burned into his mind, forever.

Watch ‘Seek And Hide’ by Manoj Nitharwal (India) on Viddsee:

Manoj’s short film won a Special Mention at the 62 National Film Awards in India, Best Film at the New York Indian Film Festival, and was in the official selection for the Indian Film Festival Stuttgart in Germany.

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