A Young Taiwanese Chef Finds A Taste For Home In Thailand


Taste of Home SS1 KRK

A young chef learns that cooking with soul cannot be taught.

His family’s restaurant in Taiwan is depending on him to learn a very specific dish: Thai fish curry. His mother’s hopes and dreams are riding on his shoulders.

Taste of Home SS2 KRK

He finds a chef in Thailand, but spends countless hours grueling over mundane tasks. By the end, he must prove himself by making fish curry, but has a hard time convincing the Head Chef to try it.

Throughout his time there, he longs for the home he grew up in. Eventually, with the help of some friends he makes along the way, he ends up making a home for himself.

Taste of Home SS3 KRK

Director Prang Chee beautifully uses Bangkok’s urban sprawl, cuisine, and linguistic subtleties to illustrate the loneliness, isolation, and insecurity Long must contend.

Taste of Home SS4 KRK

Here’s what his journey taught him, finally.

Watch ‘Taste of Home’ by Prang Chee (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Taste of Home’ was nominated in the Foreign Language category at the Hollywood Student Film Festival.

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