You’ve Heard How Scary The Australian Outback Can Be. It Just Got Worse.


Waterborne SS_03

“These signs, they just make people worry.”

“Maybe people should be worried.” And the Department of Environment and Pollution ranger is right.

Waterborne SS_01

Water is such a crucial source for the town and its citizens that if it ends up contaminated, it could endanger their lives.

Except, it’s not just humans drinking the water. Mother nature’s creatures are living, breathing and drinking that same water.

Waterborne SS_04

And maybe it’s time we start taking the warnings seriously.

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‘Waterborne’ travelled to over 50 film festivals across America, Australia and Europe picking up awards along the way, notably the Best International Horror Short at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in New York, Best Short Film in Abertoir Film Festival in Wales, and Best Australia Short Film at Monsterfest in Melbourne.

More info about the film and the team here.

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