Zombie Apocalypse In Glorious Claymation? Is The Stuff Of Nightmares!


Chainsaw Maid SS2 KRK

It was just another day… who are we kidding?

It’s never just another day.

This maid was about to service the head of the household, when they are besieged by the horrors of a zombie apocalypse.

Chainsaw Maid SS3 KRK

In full claymation glory and gore, she goes above and beyond the her call of duty to defend the household.

Wielding a nasty chainsaw.

Chainsaw Maid SS6 KRK

The zombies didn’t stand a chance.

Watch ‘Chainsaw Maid’ by Takena Nagao (Japan) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains depiction of gore (in glorious claymation colours)

Here’s another heroic save in an zombie apocalypse in the Philippines. Watch this grandma fend them off in ‘Lola’ on Viddsee

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