You Can Teach Zombies Class But You Can’t Give Them An Education



Going to school is a chore, even when you’re a zombie.

These three undead are students at St. Zombia, a zombie-only academy that has a very specific curriculum — teaching zombies how to be human.


Led by the strict half-human, half-zombie principal, they learned the ins and outs of passing as the living.


With topics including religion, etiquette, aesthetics and pop culture, the goal was to create well-rounded individuals who could assimilate seamlessly into society after graduating.


Their debut into the world is the ultimate test. Unfortunately, they realised the spoon-fed syllabus couldn’t prepare them for what’s to come.

Watch ‘St. Zombian’s’ (聖喪庇亞書院) by Jessie Kwok (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

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