The Family Fled, Leaving This Doggy Behind In A Zombie Apocalypse



Stanley’s master was dragged away in a flash. Steadfast-Stanley-SS_04-krk.jpg

Left bewildered, he set out to reunite both himself and the abandoned right side of a shoe to its rightful owner. Steadfast-Stanley-SS_03-krk.jpg

But something was very wrong with the world outside. Sirens were blaring and the world was burning. Steadfast-Stanley-SS_05-krk.jpg

Even if he did find his master, he might not be the same boy who loved him. Steadfast-Stanley-SS_07-krk.jpg

He followed the trail to an abandoned warehouse, with a familiar figure huddled in the dark. A dog never forgets its master, and Stanley’s love never wavered.

Watch ‘Steadfast Stanley’ by John Cody Kim (United States) on Viddsee:

‘Steadfast Stanley’ was the director’s 3rd year film during his studies at CalArts. For more info on the development of this animation, click here. Just one more! Next, watch this Cambodian film ‘Iva’, about a girl who is forced to be cruel to her dog. It’s heartbreaking.

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